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by Doug Burkhalter

I apologize for the crudeness of this website; this is a temporary site, created simply to give subDrive a home online. You can download the files from the SourceForge Project Page (the Download page is here), at left; in addition, that Page contains bug trackers, support forums, and various other tools.

There are (should be!) four files: One is the complete installer, including the VB6 runtimes; the minimal installer does not contain the runtimes, but should work on those computers with the runtimes (included on Windows 98 and above; if you've had the computer long, odds are you already have them). In addition, there is a plain ZIP file, containing only the program and documentation, for those who would rather not use an installer. The source is also included (this could be a zip or tar.gz file...or maybe both); the program was written with VB6, and is potentially incompatible with other versions.

For more information, please look at the readme file at left; this is a direct copy of the readme from the archives, and does not contain the site links.

Again, I apologize for the crudeness of this website; hopefully, I can create something a bit nicer to the eye soon.

If you would like to donate money to the project, and promote it's development, please use the button at left; In addition, if you would like to donate your product (such as VB6 and .NET components), please feel free to do so; however, I currently only develop with Visual Basic 6 and .NET 2003 and PHP4 (considering an upgrade to PHP5 soon). You are also allowed to donate anything you feel would be useful; if you need a mailing address, please contact me at the e-mail below and we can make arrangements. In addition, subDrive could use a mascot. If you would like to donate one, please get in touch with me. I would be much appreciative (good graphics design skills preferred; no offense, but I don't want a bad pencil sketch as the symbol for my program).

Doug Burkhalter

A note about tar.gz files: Files in these types of archives are first compiled into one large file, called a tarball (hence the tar extension), and this file then compressed with gzip (hence the gz extension); this results in archives much smaller than ZIPs. While this file is supported in most programs for ZIP files (such as WinZip), it is in no means compatible with ZIP files, and unsupported in some programs that handle zips (including the built-in Windows XP support). However, most developers should have some program capable of handling gzipped tarballs.